Can I Have a Minute?

A New Communication Skills Workshop

Awkward office conversations. They can run the gamut from mildly uncomfortable, to downright volatile. From simple etiquette or dress code issues, to benefits reductions and layoffs, we’ll often exhaust ourselves avoiding or fretting over these tough discussions.

Can I Have A Minute? is a workshop developed to address these conversational landmines. Whether you’re an executive, a manager or an employee, learning how to handle tough workplace communication can transform your work life. Our two-hour “Lunch-n-Learn” or four-hour workshop will arm you to effectively handle the stress of these delicate situations, and provide you with techniques for planning, conducting and staying in control of tough conversations.

Workshop Highlights

  • What makes a conversation difficult
  • Types of difficult conversations
  • How our reactions can make conversations more difficult
  • How to stay in control: Three easy reminders
  • A checklist for tough conversations

Who should attend?

This workshop will benefit just about anyone at any level in your organization. But it’s especially suited for:

  • Sales team members
  • Managers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Human Resources team members

To register or find out more, call: 859-824-4555 or email