What We Do

The Piatt Group specializes in designing and facilitating learning events that equip your team members with increased knowledge, better skills, and a clear understanding of how to apply them on the job. We partner with you to create solutions that work.

So what’s so special about that?

We have core course outlines already developed that are ready to go. Our courses’ content and activities are based on our research, design, and delivering programs for over 15 years. We know what works and we know what hasn’t worked too.

Now, we know that not everyone likes “off the shelf.” Here’s where The Piatt Group is different: we keep our shelves stacked with interesting and relevant content, proven techniques, and new research that reflects today’s business world and economy. Before we deliver any program, we review the content, update it with new statistics, add industry-specific information and even update activities to make sure we’re providing the best learning experience possible.

And the best part is, you pay nothing extra for this customization.

Here’s a look at what The Piatt Group can do for your organization

If your organization needs something other than what is listed here, call us to discuss your ideas. We’re developing new solutions all the time, and together we can create a solution or event that will satisfy your business’ requirements and drive the results you want.