Our Approach

Corporate training sounds so, well, corporate. At The Piatt Group, we believe learning should be fun and valuable to your participants and to your business.

Our approach to our work is based on collaboration. We want to get to know your business and your industry to make sure our solutions make sense.

Our process is consultative without the big consulting company price tag. We love the design process but know it can be one big headache for you, so we ask for your input and feedback at key milestones. We want this to be easy for you, not another item on your “to-do” list.

Our programs are designed with you and only you in mind. By weaving together our existing content with new, industry- or business-specific examples, you receive programs that have proven results with a customized appeal.

Our content comes from a variety of sources including current programs, ongoing research, journal articles, even the local newspaper if the information is relevant. Because people learn differently, trust that we will use a variety of techniques to make sure your participants have exceptional experiences and your business receives extraordinary results.