Management 101

This is the best way to accelerate new people-managers acquiring the necessary skills of management and leadership. Content modules cover coaching, communications, goal-setting, conflict resolution, and leadership. 2-days or 4 half-days

Performance Management and Improvement

Regardless of what your performance appraisal “form” looks like, every performance management process should have the same key ingredients to drive business results and develop talent.  1 day or 2 half-days.

Getting Results with Teams

Sometimes teams are a disaster, but that’s because they lack purpose, process and other important features.  This is a Piatt Group specialty because we believe collaborative processes ten times more effective—and fun!– than individual efforts.  Usually 1 day but you tell us what works for you.

Effective Communications Techniques

Many skills fall under this heading including:

  • Listening  (half-day)
  • Public speaking (basic course is half-day; more advanced is 1 ½ days)
  • Presentation skills (1 day)
  • Facilitation skills (1-2 days depending on desired depth)
  • Conflict resolution (half-day)
  • Meeting management (half-day)

Interviewing and Hiring the Best

We’ll help you win the war for talent by making sure your interviewing and onboarding skills are, pardon our blatant pun, top-shelf. (1 day)

Leading Through Change

What makes change so difficult?  Change is constant, and leaders can up their skills and awareness of what it takes to lead their teams successfully when times are turbulent. (1/2-1 day)

Surviving The Chaos

This is the individual contributor version of the change program designed for leaders. (half day)

Training Your Trainers

Having internal employees equipped to deliver your business-specific training is a winning strategy on many levels.  Send us your subject matter experts, and we’ll help them acquire the skills they need to train with confidence. (1-2 days depending on desired depth)

Professionalism at Work

A great primer for employees who are new to the workforce and can benefit from coaching on dress codes, office and cubicle manners, and business etiquette. (half day)

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Add your business’ case study (or one of ours) for a review of decision-making and problem-solving tools and processes.  (half day)

Custom Programs

If you don’t see exactly what you need, talk to us about building a custom solution just for your business.  We have done advanced leadership programs for businesses in North America, Asia, and the UK, and we’re happy to discuss your business needs and create a solution that works.